Frequently Asked Questions from our guests.  You may have the same questions, or find others you hadn't thought of. The following list has proved very helpful to our guests, especially those planning their first visit to the Cayman Islands. 

For Compass Point Dive Resort: 

1- What Towels & Linens are provided? 
Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, floor mat towel, dishtowel, mitten, pot holder. 4 Pillows in one bedroom, 6 in two bedroom, 2 bathrobes, blankets, bedspreads. "Boat Towels" are provided on-board the dive boats for every trip. The towels provided on our dive boats are not a full size bath towel, but larger than a hand towel and work effectively for drying off between and after dives. 

2- Is there a Hair Dryer in the condo?
Yes. Some even have two. All bathrooms have a hair dryer. 

3- What appliances and utensils are in the condo Kitchen?
Drip coffee maker (12 Cup), blender, toaster, microwave, 4-ring electric stove top and convection oven, dishwasher and fridge/freezer.  Bottle opener, corkscrew, spatula, cutting knives and standard silverwear. 

4- What Bathroom toiletries are provided?
Bathroom tissue, facial tissue, 1x soap.  Shampoos are not provided. 

5- Are any Kitchen supplies provided? 
All condos are supplied with a complementary welcome 'Starter Pack', including 1x 2oz pack of coffee, 1x 3oz Dish Liquid, 1x Roll of paper towel, 3x dishwasher pellets, 1x single load pack of laundry powder, 1x box of matches, 1x salt & pepper shakers. This starter pack is bundled together and stored in a 6-pack size ice chest that can be used for other purposes, such as taking to the beach. 

6- Where's the Ice?
The two bedroom, one-bedroom deluxe and three bedroom condos all have fridges with internal ice makers built in. They make ice from the treated desalinated 'City Water' which is safe to drink. The one-bedroom oceanfront condos do not have ice makers in the fridge, but have re-usable ice trays in their freezers. Additional ice can be requested from the front desk. 

7- What is your Tipping Policy? 
Gratuities or Tips are not added or included in the nightly room rate nor added to your bill upon check-out. We do NOT add any resort fees or service fees to your bill. We beleive gratuities are earned and you will find our hardworking housekeeping staff go above and beyond to make sure your stay is as comfortable as home, if not better.  Please reward them for excellent service by leaving a gratuity in your room in the envelope provided. 

8- What are the Front Desk Opening Hours?
The front desk for Compass Point and Ocean Frontiers are joint and share the same hours. We open at 7am and close at 6pm. Please notify us if your flight is arriving after 6pm. Front desk remains open late on any day we have scheduled arrivals. If you booked direct, you will have been asked for your flight arrival info. If you have booked through an agent (such as Expedia), please contact us with your flight info.  An after hours and emergency phone is located on the porch by the main lobby entrance. 

9- How Safe are the Cayman Islands?
Probably the safest place in the Caribbean and probably safer than most cities or towns where our guests are traveling from.  We can't say crime will never happen, but we can ask you to be smart. Don't leave your wallet on the front seat of your car, unlocked in the parking lot. Apply common sense and you will have a safe and peaceful vacation. 

10- Are Pets allowed at Compass Point?
Pets are not permitted at Compass Point (Exceptions made for seeing eye dogs for the blind). 

11- What is there to do for Non-Divers? 
There are lots of ativities for non-divers or even for divers when they are not diving. Within the Eastern Districts:- kayaking, bike rides, snorkeling, walking, driftwood painting, beach combing, relax by the pool, island tour, QEII Botanic Park, Crystal Caves or shopping.  

12- Is the resort suitable for young children?
Yes, suitable for all ages and kids are welcome at Compass Point. 'Pack and Play' and high chairs are available and can be placed in your condo prior to arrival.  The minimum age to scuba dive is 10 years old. The swimmng pool, beach area and dock can provide hours of fun for the young ones. Compass Point does not have a kids camp, baby sitting services can be reserved through the front desk with a 3rd party provider.  Eagle Ray's Bar & Grill has a comprehenive kids menu as do other restaurants in the area. Bring factor 50 sunblock and have kids wear a long sleaved rash gaurd and hat while outside playing in the sun. 

13- What kind of TVs and DVD players are in the rooms? 
Two bed, Three bed and One bed deluxe condos have 42" TVs in the living room and are iPod/Smartphone compatible. One bedroom oceanfront condos have a 32" TV in the living area. Poolside (Three Bed and One Bed Deluxe) Condos have a 32" TV in the bedroom/s. Two bedroom Condos have a 26" standard TV in the master bedroom.  All living area TVs have an HDMI connection and HD Cable TV service.  DVD players in the oceanfront condos are all standard DVD players compatible with HSTC North America region formatted discs. DVD players in all of our poolside condos are Blu-Ray DVD and compatible with all standard and Blu-Ray HSTC North America region formated discs.  Our DVD players will NOT play PAL discs from Europe or Australia. 

14- Is there a Washer and dryer in the condo and do you provide powder?
All condos have a stacked washer and dryer. 1x single load pack of laundry powder is provided in your condo 'Welcome Starter Pack'- additional laundry powder may be purchased.   

15-What is your beach like and is there snorkelling from the area? 
There is limited snorkeling for guests around the dive boat dock Compass Point. This area is a vast habitat for fish and marine life. The surrounding area is primarily seagrass beds with no coral coverage. Coral Reef Snorkel trips via boat are available departing from the same dock.  There are two beach areas at Compass Point and they both consist of an ironshore (rocky) coastline with white sand beach between the condos and the high watermark. For more information on our beach areas, click here. 

16- Are the BBQ Grills gas/propane or charcoal and do you provide the charcoal?
We have both propane gas grills and charcoal grills. Charcoal can be purchased at the front desk. The propane gas grill is located by the resort pool at the inland side of the resort.  The charcoal grills are located beachside. 

17- What are the Inspects like and will we need Bug Spray? 
Grand Cayman has an advanced Mosquito Control Program which helps keep insect problems to an absolute minimum. However, if you plan to be outside at dusk / sunset then it is recommended that you wear insect repellent. Repellent products such as "OFF!" can be purchased locally at supermarkets and retail outlets. 

18- How do I get to meet Lesley?
Many guests who have booked directly will have had some contact with Lesley while making thier reservation. People often ask if she really exsits or is she just like "Siri" on the iPhone.  We can assure you that Lesley is real and welcomes you to stop by her office and say hello. Her office is upstairs from the front desk and visiting hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Feel free to bring gifts, food, cake or dog treats... especially if you're reaching for that free room upgrade on your next visit. 

General Cayman Islands Questions:

19 - Can I drink the water?
Yes. All water at Compass Point is supplied from the water mains, locally termed as "City Water". This water is used for all purposes, facets, bathtub, shower, toilet, ice maker. The water is desalinated salt water and is treated to meet world health standards for pottable water. You may find the water has a very slight chlorine taste, so many prefer to use bottled water for drinking and limit 'City Water' use for bathing, cooking and making ice. 

20- Bringing Food into the Cayman Islands
Small quantity of meats (up to 25Ibs.) arriving in passengers baggage from the approved countries may be permitted without an accompanied Certificate of Wholesomeness, if such meats are pre-wrapped under a brand name and has the Official Seal of Inspection of the country's Meat Inspection Authority. Approved countries include, USA, UK and Canada. Importation of fruits and vegitables without a permit is prohibited.  For more information, click here. 

21- Time Zone & Day-Light Savings
The Cayman Islands are - 5 hours GMT. However we do not observe Daylight Savings time. During the winter we are on Eastern time and in the summer we operate in the Central time zone.

22- Do I need a Passport?
Yes. Since January 23rd 2007, the US Department of Homeland Security requires that all travellers re-entering the US from the Caribbean by air, carry passports. As such, unless you're a legal resident of the Cayman Islands, the airlines will not let you board your flight from the USA without a passport.

23- Will it rain when I am there?
The chances are the weather will be just fine- The Cayman Islands are pure paradise, but it can rain.  The dryest months of the year are in the spring, March/April and the wettest months are typically in the fall, September/October.  Hurricane Season is from June 1st through November 30th, the highest probability of a hurricane is in September.  The Cayman Islands have the fortune of very detailed weather forcasts and analysis in order to help you plan your trip, visit the National Weather Service Website. 

24- Do I need any vaccinations?
Vaccinations are not mandatory to enter Cayman Islands. 

25- What is the currency and do I need to get any money changed?
The official currency of the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Islands Dollar. The exchange rate is fixed at local banks CI$0.82 to US$1.00- however it is common for cash transactions at local stores to be converted at CI$0.80 to US$1.00.  For example if an item cost CI$8.00 you would pay US$10.00.  US$20 = CI$16, US$50 = CI$40, US$100 = CI$80. Change is often returned in CI$.  US$ Cash is accepted universally everywhere in the Cayman Islands.  US$ coins are accepted at some businesses, but not all.  Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Gas Stations all list their prices in CI$. Most Restaurants list their pricing in CI$.  Most water sports and activity companies list their pricing in US$. Always check to see what currency pricing is shown. The US$ is the official, unofficial currency of the Cayman Islands- there is no need to go to the bank and get your US$ changed to CI$. 

26- What are the Duty Free Allowances?
All passengers over the age of 18 years may also bring with them the following items: Up to 1 liter of Potable Spirits, Or 4 liters of wine, Or 1 case of Beer (not exceeding 8 liters). Up to 200 Cigarettes, Or 100 Cigarillos, Or 25 Cigars, Or 250 grammes of Tobacco.

27- What is the legal drinking age?
The legal drinking age is 18 years old. Beer, wine, and liquor are sold at Licesned Packaged Liquor Stores, Restaurants or Bars. Grocery stores and Gas Stations DO NOT sell any alcoholic beverages. Packaged Liquor Stores are closed on Sundays. It is legal to have an open container on the beach in the Cayman Islands. It is illegal to drive a vehicle while intociated and this law is heavily enforced by Traffic Police. 

28- Is there a Hospital in Grand Cayman?
Yes, the main Government Hospital is located in George Town, approximately a 45 minute drive. The Hyperbaric Chamber is also located at George Town Hospital. There are two private hospitals in Grand Cayman; the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital and the Health City Hospital. 

29- Do we need power adapters for our chargers? 
The electical supply and plug-ins are exactly the same as the USA and Canada. If traveling from the UK or Europe, you will need to use a USA travel adapter - these are not provided or available for purchase at Compass Point. 

30- What stores are closed on Sundays? 
Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Banks and various non-tourism related businesses are closed on Sundays.  Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Gas Stations, Dive Shops and Marinas are all open on Sundays and public holidays. 


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